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Let's walk around the pier! There may be new discoveries!?

Let's walk around the pier!

A leisurely Cruise Tour[Straw ring around the Pier]Toyosu

Eat at the new hot scenic spot in Tokyo!?
The latest feast walk
With the opening of "Toyosu Market", Toyosu is getting more and more attention. There are plenty of scenic spots that you will not get tired even you spend a whole day here, such as Big shopping mall, Theme park, BBQ and Digital Art. Let's walk through and have fun together from the latest gourmet to leisure.

Recently, Toyosu has become a very popular area as a stylish avenue lined with high-rise apartments. It is not well known actually though, the history of this area is surprisingly long. Back to 1939, IHI "former Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries" built a shipyard. Until it was closed in 2002, the area had been developed as an industrial area. By the way, did you know that the first store of "Seven Eleven" in Japan is opened in 1974 in this area?

Later in 2006, "URBAN DOCK LaLaport TOYOSU" was born on the vast land where the shipyard was previously located in. It became a hot topic because of the great location facing the beach, and a lot of people came to visit it. Then nowadays "Toyosu market", "Tokyo Olympic Games", Toyosu is becoming hotter and hotter. It can be said that it is the avenue with the highest attention.

First let's start from "URBAN DOCK LaLaport TOYOSU" which is next to the pier.


It is a large shopping mall with about 180 shops and restaurants are gathered from popular select shops to import brand, miscellaneous goods. In the shopping mall, there are "KidZania Tokyo" for children's occupation and social experience facility, "United Cinema Toyosu" with 12 screens, "Dog Run" with natural turf and so on. It is a commercial facility where both children and adults can enjoy.

2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
03-6910-1234 (Representative / Reception hours 10:00 - 18:00)

Located on the south side of "URBAN DOCK LaLaport TOYOSU", "Toyosu Park" with beautiful lawn is also very popular with children. It is so good that there are many available play equipment and cushioning materials are laid down for safety considerations.

"Toyosu Gururi Park" by the sea next to "Toyosu Park" is also a perfect place for a walk. As its name suggests, there is a promenade around "Toyosu Pier". As you walk through "Toyosu Gururi Park", you can see the "WILD MAGIC the Rainbow Farm".

WILD MAGIC The Rainbow Farm

In WILD MAGIC The Rainbow Farm, you can experience authentic outdoor in Tokyo downtown. On the vast site of 16,000 square meters, "BBQ with Empty-handed & Bringing in", "Glamping for luxurious and comfortable leisure" etc. are available. No matter it is after work on workday or weekend, you can enjoy it like camping.

6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Non public

"TeamLab Planets TOKYO" which is located across the road of "WILD MAGIC The Rainbow Farm" is also a hot scenic spot. This is a huge immersive space where you can experience the world's active works of art group "TeamLab". Please be noted that it is open only from July 2018 until the fall of 2020 for a limited time!

The location is in front of "Shin-toyosu Station" of the monorail "Yurikamome". Moreover, it is open until 22:00 every day, so it is a perfect choice for dating after work. One interesting point is that you can leave your belongings in the locker and then walk bare feet in the building while experiencing it. A bit fresh!

TeamLab Planets TOKYO

"TeamLab Planets TOKYO" is created by "TeamLab" with a concept of "Body Immersive". It is a magical and experienced digital art space that immerses all your body into a huge work space. There is also a cashless steak restaurant on site and a food shop proposing a new mobile food style.

6-1-16 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Non public

As you go further to Toyosu Pier, you will see the "Toyosu Market" which was opened on October 11, 2018. The site area is about 1.7 times bigger than the "Tsukiji Market". It is an attractive core market that contributes to the creation of vitality and life for the community with 407,000 square meters, food safety and security, efficient logistics, environmental measures and so on.

Although general customers can not purchase from middleman wholesales, visitors can use visitor passages, retail outlets and restaurants. However, "Toyosu Market" is a facility for professionals who buy and sell marine products and fruits and vegetables etc. The secret to enjoy it comfortably is not to get in the way of their work as much as possible.

Toyosu Market

There are 39 restaurants relocated from the "Tsukiji Market", and 70 stores gathered from inside and outside of it. As those stores are opened to food professionals, the line-up is certified with endorsements. Furthermore, "Tour of Seri at Tuna Wholesale Place" will be open in 2019 and a tourism base "So many visitors" will be open in 2023 and so on. Facilities for general customers are increasing, which will make it a more exciting place.

6 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
03-3520-8205 (Representative)

"Toyosu" is getting more attention as a new popular spot in Tokyo. It is not only a spot for sightseeing and shopping, but will be developed to be a new gourmet town replacing the "Tsukiji Market" in the future. For "Foodies", they can not be happier for this.

In addition to the 2020 "Tokyo Olympic Games", the whole city will be more and more prosperous. And the number of visitors will increase as various sports events be hold in this avenue.

Starting from the plant site, "Toyosu" continues to be developed as an area in the forefront of time. Let's try walking around with delicious gourmet while thinking about the times. You might be able to discover the charm of the new "Toyosu".

Toyosu Pier Information

Here is the pier where you can go to Toyosu

Update Date : 10/29/2018
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